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Online Divorce Reviews exposes fraud, incompetence and misleading business practices in the US online divorce industry.

Online Divorce is Un-Regulated 

Since 1999, the online divorce industry in the US has been completely unregulated.  A few states have registration of providers located within those states, but they do not regulate the industry in any meaningful sense.  Most online divorce providers are located either in completely unregulated states or outside the US in India, Ukraine, the Czech Republic or Mexico.

Local District Attorneys and the FBI have shown no interest or ability to protect the rights and interests of American divorce consumers, particularly against foreign online divorce scammers.

Over the last 20+ years, thousands of unsuspecting divorce consumers nationwide have been harmed financially and legally at one of the most vulnerable and stressful times in their lives.

Many Online Divorce Providers Have Hidden Fees 

The biggest online divorce fraud is hidden fees. Scammers state on their top pages that their fee, usually $139 or $169, is for a complete package.  However, that $139 or $169 covers you only for the first 30 days.

After 30 days, they hit your credit card every month until you cancel.  They get away with this fraud by disclosing the monthly fees ONLY in their Terms of Use , where they know you will not look. 

The amounts of the extra monthly fees are not disclosed.  The Terms of Use, to which you agree when you sign up, specify that the monthly fees are “subject to change without notice.” You have no idea what your cost will be when you sign up. You have signed a blank check.

Many Online Divorce Providers Have No Idea What They’re Doing

Additionally, most online divorce providers claim that they handle divorce in all 3000+ counties located in the US – an impossibility. It is difficult to know the Rules of Court and policies of just one state, never mind all 50 states.

Accordingly, they have no idea what they are doing. They make many mistakes. It is the blind leading the blind.

Their claim that they handle divorce in all 50 states also tells you that they do not offer genuine online divorce – where powerful cloud-based software crunches the heavy state-specific divorce paperwork load.

The scammers have online interviews only. They have no software to prepare the state-specific forms. All document preparation is done manually. Your personal data is cut-and-pasted by someone’s grandma in Ukraine or India. That’s why it takes 12-14 days to get your prepared docs. And it’s also why your divorce papers will be riddled with mistakes.

And you take the additional risk that your personal data is not sold to spammers by these foreign-based frauds. How would you even know that your personal data has been sold until damage has been done to you?

The Purpose of Online Divorce Reviews

Online Divorce Reviews intends to reduce the occurrence of these frauds and the gross negligence in the preparation of divorce papers by educating US divorce consumers as to the prevailing frauds, negligence and trickery that await them.

Don’t just take our word. Our video reviews will prove what we claim. However, bear in mind that these scammers are very good at fraud. They are fast and they are always experimenting with new frauds and improving or replacing older frauds.

You will see new frauds constantly. That’s why we will show you how to do your own homework and how to analyze online divorce websites to exclude the scams and to narrow down your search to the honest online divorce providers, which we assure you do exist.

Find the online divorce provider you’re interested in below and click on it to check our video review.

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Don’t get tricked into hiring by its posted $159 fee. That $159 fee covers you only for 30 days. In most states, you will need a lot longer than 30 days to prepare your divorce case, file it at court, serve it on your spouse and get it finalized. They will hit your credit card every month until you cancel. And they prevent you from canceling. We show you their 250+ Better Business Bureau complaints. Those complaints make it clear that when you call to cancel, they put you on hold forever or they tell you that your case worker will call in 3 or 4 days, and that call never comes. Located in Ukraine.

Uncontested Divorce Should Be Online Divorce

Divorce is never fun, but if you are fortunate enough to have an uncontested divorce, where you and your spouse/partner are, or will be, in agreement on all issues of your divorce, then online divorce is a wise choice.

Online divorce SHOULD provide you the cost-reduction of powerful cloud-based software that crunches the huge paperwork and procedure loads, the convenience of doing most or all of the process from the comfort of your home and the self-empowerment of knowing that you will be the only source of information in your own case.

That is what is supposed to happen.  However, when the 51 American Bar Associations dropped the ball when online divorce arrived on the scene in early 1999, the problem we all now face was born.

All of the usual conmen rushed in to fill the vacuum caused by the lack of insight and responsibility of all American Bar Associations. The Bar Associations could see that if their lawyer members used online divorce, there would have to be huge reductions in the fees those lawyers could charge their clients to churn their uncontested divorces unnecessarily. That could not happen!

So the Bar Associations punted and American divorce consumers have been harmed by the resultant conmen ever since. 

Read about a brief history of online divorce in America.

In conjunction with our video reviews above, we provide also the following list of online divorce providers, categorized by their level of danger to you

Full Disclosure

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The purpose of Online Divorce Reviews is to expose online divorce industry fraud, incompetence and misleading practices for the benefit of American divorce consumers. As part of that process, we do not officially recommend our child company, Obviously, we claim that NetDivorce is an honest and competent company. And there are other listed honest and competent companies available nationwide.

Apart from our list of honest and competent online divorce providers, this will be the only mention of NetDivorce on this site. We mention it here only for the purposes of full disclosure. 

Note also that our child company’s site offers service only in California. This site, Online Divorce Reviews, deals with online divorce fraud and trickery nation-wide.

Our purpose and goal here is to expose the rampant and ever expanding fraud and trickery within the almost completely unregulated online divorce industry. 

As part of that exposure, we will show you techniques in our video reviews which will enable you to do your own homework on any online divorce site of interest. That process will enable you to make your own informed and much better hiring decision.

We assure you that there are good and honest online divorce providers out there. We list them on our top page. We trust you will understand why we cannot recommend any of them. You can check them out and confirm for yourself by using the techniques and considerations shown in our video reviews.

We hope and trust this website will help you in your own divorce. Divorce is tough enough already without all the crap and dishonesty that awaits you in a mostly unfriendly online divorce industry.

Why should you consider listening to Legal Marketing Systems at all? Why should you even read our Online Divorce Reviews website or look at our video reviews?

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Peter is a barrister (the more qualified branch of the UK legal profession) in the UK since July 29, 1976.

He got his law degree Magna Cum Laude at age 20. He passed the UK Bar Exam, generally regarded as the toughest in the world, on the first attempt, with specialization in family law and tax.

He was called to the Bar of England and Wales at age 21, the youngest possible age.  He practiced criminal law in the UK in the late ’70s and later private international business law in California in the ’90s.

Peter owns and operates 1-800-DIVORCE, the continent-wide network of independent divorce lawyers and family law firms. 

Peter wrote the world’s first complete
divorce software package (for California divorce) in 1983-84. 

In a joint venture, he put up the world’s first fully functioning online divorce website at in March 1999.

From 1981 to 2001, Peter owned and operated California Legal Assistance Centers, which pioneered divorce by mail in California in the ’80s and ’90s. Peter has been the founder and CEO of NetDivorce, LLC since 1999.

He also founded the Online Divorce Association of America in September 2016. 

In January 2017, he created Online Divorce Lawyer, a web-based set of marketing, branding, document preparation and case tracking tools, developed to assist California divorce lawyers to fight back and recover the vast amount of divorce business being taken from them by unqualified, often fraudulent, unaccountable and almost completely incompetent online divorce mills located mostly in Ukraine, India, the Czech Republic or Mexico.

When it comes to divorce issues, uncontested divorce and online divorce specifically,  Peter and Legal Marketing Systems know what they are talking about.  Peter will not waste your time.