Privacy Policy

The Online Divorce Reviews Privacy Policy is short and simple.

During and after your use of our site, Legal Marketing Systems (“LMS”) will not sell, rent, trade, barter, give or relinquish in any manner your private information, including but not limited to, your name and e-mail address.

However, should you, at any time, breach any fundamental term of our contract, whether express or implied, such as by publishing defamatory, i.e. false, statements or complaints against NetDivorce with any third party complaint publishers, NetDivorce will consider itself entitled to treat our contract as having been breached by you and at an end. NetDivorce will make such a decision at its sole discretion and without any duty to advise you of it. Thereafter, NetDivorce may use your personal information in lawful ways only to defend itself against your complaints. Similarly, NetDivorce will use your personal information in its lawful defense against any litigation filed by you against NetDivorce.
NetDivorce takes your right to privacy seriously. Accordingly, except as provided above, unless you direct us specifically in writing signed by you, we will not provide your private information, whether accompanied by your name or not, to any third party.
You should bear in mind however that much of what you provide NetDivorce in terms of private and sensitive information is printed onto legal documents you will sign and file at court. Almost all legal documents filed at any divorce court in California are a matter of public record. If others know that you have filed a divorce case, they can track down the court and access your case file. Obviously, the NetDivorce privacy policy cannot extend to such potential exposure by, to or through third parties.
Under exceptional circumstances, NetDivorce may be compelled by legal process, through search warrant, subpoena or court order, to disclose to lawful authorities private information you have given it. So far, this has happened twice in 35 years.
NetDivorce will retain your personal information for a period of 1 year after you successfully complete the NetDivorce signup and payment process.
NetDivorce employs state of the art encryption, security hardware and physical practices to preserve, secure and backup your personal data.